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How Taikun can help Startups scale fast and cheap

A fast-growing startup has two priorities - time and money. They need to get the maximum done in minimum time and minimum expense. Taikun fits that bill perfectly when it comes to scaling Kubernetes infrastructure.

When a startup thinks of setting up a cloud infrastructure, capital costs are one of the key concerns. The cost is not only for the cloud resources leased but also for the experts hired to manage it, the inefficiencies that inevitably creep in and many more.

Kubernetes is the ubiquitous container orchestration tool popular on all kinds of cloud setups. It is the tool that most companies use to provide software services from the cloud. Its inherent load-balancing features, scaling capabilities, and stable deployment techniques make it the perfect choice for any SaaS offering.

If a startup can find a way to manage to optimise and even reduce its expenses on provisioning and managing the Kubernetes clusters - it can dramatically bring down their IT costs.

Complexities of Cloud

Today, we have an incredible amount of choices when it comes to cloud offerings. With so many choices of providers and types of cloud, it is easy to get lost and overwhelmed by the complexity.

With startups, the complexity increases even more.

They must be able to quickly change course and scale big. There is also a need to experiment with different providers. There is also a need to use a multi-cloud environment to make the best use of cloud capability offerings. This begets a need for a central cluster management console. The lack of such a centralised dashboard to manage all their cloud infrastructure further limits their ability to control costs.


Taikun is a Kubernetes management tool that you can use to create, manage and delete all Kubernetes clusters in your organisation. We also provide Cloud Automation as a Service via our portal

With over 10 years of experience in DevOps, we understand cloud automation better than most others. Taikun does not require startups to hire a bunch of cloud experts to manage. It saves money by saving up to 90% of DevOps time. With better resource management, it has proven to reduce infrastructure costs by 40%.

9 Taikun features startups can’t live without

Let’s talk about 9 features in Taikun that have been game-changers for many startups.

1. Easy cloud k8s and VM deployment

Taikun makes it very easy to deploy new k8s or VMs into the cloud. So startups can choose the cloud provider of their preference and create new machines in a few easy steps. Taikun currently supports Google Cloud, AWS, Azure and OpenStack.

Taikun provides a level of abstraction that makes it easy for even novice cloud users to deploy k8s and VMs. Many startups save a lot of money with this right away. With Taikun, their team sizes are much leaner and more effective.

2. Backup capabilities

During the early stages of a startup, even one major disaster can prove fatal. So, they need a robust disaster management setup to save crucial Kubernetes infrastructure and avoid data loss. Taikun provides this backup facility out-of-the-box using Velero.

Startups can easily configure backups and create policies to further manage their backups. These are proven life-savers. With Taikun’s easy and efficient backup management, startups also save on backup costs.

3. Monitoring capabilities

Efficient monitoring capability can prevent many crises in a startup. Taikun does exactly that for your Kubernetes infrastructure. Taikun uses Grafana and Prometheus in the backend to capture and present logs in a more human-readable format.

Taikun also allows enabling and disabling the monitoring from the dashboard. This can help save precious storage space in the cloud.

4. Alert management

Startups experiment. With experimentation, comes a lot of changes to the infrastructures and varying points of failure. We understand that. So, we built a world-class alert management system for your cloud infrastructure.

You can easily configure Taikun to get notified on the medium of your choice when something fails or a process gets completed.

With Alerting profiles, you can add Slack channel, Email, Webhooks and integrations with a few apps like Opsgenie, Pagerduty, Splunk and MicrosoftTeams.

5. Events feature

Many startups in their early stages may not have separate cloud teams. There would be some technical person who doubles as a Cloud engineer. So, Taikun provides a summarised colour-coded view of the logs called as Events view. This helps the user to get a quick overview of what’s happening with their infrastructure.

There is also the option to view more details of it.

6. User management

Another key need that Taikun fulfils for startups is robust user management. Taikun provides exceptionally granular level of access control over all the users that get created on the system.

Taikun offers three types of users to control accessibility - User, Manager and Partner.

With these roles and other options, you can control which projects users get access to and what they can change. Such a strong user management feature helps a lot of startups ensure their cloud resources are utilised properly and rarely wasted.

7. Kubeconfig management

Kubeconfigs are a very quick and effective way to organise information about clusters, users, namespaces, and authentication mechanisms. Taikun provides the ability to not only create new kubeconfigs but also have a common dashboard to view and manage all such kubeconfigs.

8. Upgrade feature

Many startups want their Kubernetes to stay up to date with security patches and other bug fixes. Taikun provides an easy way to do it. Every project gives an auto-upgrade option to the user.

You can also choose to manually upgrade when you feel ready.

9. Repair feature

It is common to have failures of pods or clusters in a large infrastructure. Startups often do not have a large team of cloud experts to come and troubleshoot their system. Taikun provides a basic level of troubleshooting mechanism within the dashboard.

If any of the servers show failed status or there is some other problem in the cluster, go to the project servers and click on the Repair button. Sometimes these small fixes can save a substantial amount of valuable time and money for startups.

Running IT operations in startups is difficult. Taikun can take some of that workload off your back by helping you handle your cloud operations more efficiently and easily.

Please contact us to explore Taikun in more detail and for a free consultation.

If you wish to try Taikun and see it in action, try our cloud solution here.

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