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The “Taikun” way to save time and money while using Kubernetes

Kubernetes is now a de facto standard for container orchestration in any IT infrastructure today.

Every major cloud services provider now have their own Kubernetes-optimised instances to play with. For eg. AWS provides 3 types of Kubernetes services:

Source: Kubernetes on AWS

In the same way, other leading cloud providers like Google Cloud, Azure and Openstack provide their own version of Kubernetes-focused services.

It is natural for any organisation with a robust Cloud infrastructure to have setups with multiple cloud providers and avoid vendor lock-ins. This increases the complexity of handling the Kubernetes cluster setups. It is a genuine pain point in many organisations. There is a need for a common management dashboard to engineer the vast Kubernetes cluster orchestration systems.

Taikun - Your Kubernetes Engineer

Taikun is a cloud management tool that helps you create and manage various Kubernetes clusters on all major cloud platforms. It uses CLI API calls of these major providers. Taikun currently supports AWS, Azure and Openstack.

AWS and Azure are the top 2 cloud providers in the world, commanding over 50% of the market share in the cloud infrastructure market. Openstack is the leading tool used in private cloud setups and is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 25% every year in the 2021-26 period.

Source: Statista

With comprehensive support for AWS, Azure and Openstack, Taikun is capable of simplifying most of your cloud needs when it comes to container orchestration via Kubernetes. That’s why we call Taikun, your Kubernetes Engineer.

How Taikun saves you Time and Money

Currently, the most common way to handle the increasing complexity in a company’s cloud infrastructure is to hire a strong Cloud team. Not only is it cost heavy, but it also takes a lot of time and coordination between team members to manage the Kubernetes system well.

In spite of heavy time and money expenditure, there is always a chance of inefficiencies creeping into the usage of these cloud resources. These inefficiencies cost a lot of money as cloud resources work on a pay-as-you-go model.

Taikun creates a level of abstraction over this vast variety of Cloud APIs from multiple cloud providers and provides a single dashboard for the management of Kubernetes clusters. It provides capabilities like creation, deployment, management, billing, monitoring, and backup. So it goes beyond dashboards like Graphana which are solely for monitoring and logging.

Kubernetes environments in Taikun are fully adjustable with various types of access profiles, Kube configs and Kubernetes versions. User profiles can be set for different members of your team as per our requirements. This saves a huge amount in time and resource costs. Managing Taikun is much simpler and cheaper than having a bunch of trained engineers managing a multi-cloud Kubernetes cluster system.

Optimized compute usage

AWS billing shock stories aren’t unheard of to anyone working in the cloud domain. A cloud is nothing but taking compute resources on rent and thus it is important to keep an eye on resource usage on the cloud providers.

Taikun helps in keeping infrastructure costs under control with its billing tools. One can allocate expenses based on individual project consumption. Billing rules can help eliminate overspending on infrastructure.

Taikun’s own pricing is also 100% transparent. As an additional step, there is a dedicated Customer Support Manager for every customer to help with any potential issues.

Taikun use-cases

Let’s take some use-cases to show how Taikun can be a gamechanger for a Kubernetes setup.


A startup needs quick scaling as it grows. Hiring a DevOps team to handle Kubernetes setup is not cost-effective. Taikun can provide an easy-to-use interface with a keen eye on billing while giving all the benefits of using a multi-cloud infrastructure.

Software House

A SaaS company will have to manage many customer environments. Integrating Taikun into their CI/CD pipelines can save a lot of time on managing cloud resources through a single pane of glass and providing customers with a nice easy-to-use dashboard.

Enterprise DevOps

Enterprise DevOps is complex. It has many moving pieces which make it imperative to have a powerful management dashboard. Taikun can help an IT manager manage their team resources, enforce company policies and enable self-service for internal teams. This can vastly improve work-time effectiveness saving both time and money.

Enterprise Lift&Shift

Taikun will help save months of work while moving legacy infra to the cloud. The comprehensive tool can easily deploy Kubernetes and create virtual infrastructure in clouds of our choice. The quick overview dashboard and extensive management features can help teams view current statuses easily and thus help plan the transition better.

Regional Cloud Provider

For companies that provide cloud services in their region, Taikun can help compete with hyperscalers like AWS and Azure. Taikun can connect the cloud resources and help offer advanced Kubernetes and virtual resources setups to their customers.

Taikun features can become a USP for the Regional Cloud Providers by giving their customers features like complete CLI, Terraform Provider or credit card payments etc.

Taikun is thus useful in a myriad set of use-cases for all types of companies, right from a small startup to a large Fortune 100 company.

Please contact us to explore our solution in more detail and for a free consultation.

If you wish to read more about Taikun and how it works, please refer to our Taikun Landing Page.

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